There are three ways of getting to North Kansai.
This is by train, air or bus from Kyoto, Oosaka or Kobe.

  • By Air
    Tajima Airport (Toyooka city)
    0:30hrs from Oosaka International Airport
    Only 2 flights per day.

    JAC (Japan Air Commuter, belong to JAS, Japan Air System)
    One Way 9,850yen Round Trip 17,740yen
    Information: JAC (Toyooka) TEL 0796-26-1515
    JAS (Oosaka) TEL 06-243-8181
    JAS (Kyoto) TEL 075-371-0933
    JAS (Tokyo) TEL 03-3432-6111
    Tajima air port office TEL 0796-26-1500

    Airport to Town (Toyooka city)
    Airport limousine bus (300yen,0:15hrs)
    offers frequent service to the Toyooka JR station, or by taxi (need
    to call a taxi. about 2,500yen TEL 0796-22-5211 San'in Kankou).

  • By Train
    Fukuchiyama city
    The central city of North Kansai and a gateway from Oosaka, Kyoto.
    1:40hrs by limited express JR Fukuchiyama line (same Takarazuka line)
    from Oosaka.
    1:15hrs by limited express JR San'in Honsen line (same Sagano line)
    from Kyoto.
    Information: JR Fukuchiyama Station TEL 0773-23-8633

    Toyooka city
    Tajima district capital.
    2:30hrs by limited express JR San'in Honsen line, Fukuchiyama line
    from Oosaka. (do not need to change)
    2:20hrs by limited express JR San'in Honsen line from Kyoto.
    Information: JR Toyooka Station TEL 0796-22-2600

  • By Bus
    Fukuchiyama -- Oosaka
    2:20hrs by express bus from Oosaka JR station, Shin'Oosaka JR station.
    1,800yen (one way)
    Information: JR Bus company TEL 06-345-0489

    Amanohashidate (Miyazu city) -- Kyoto
    3:15h by express bus from Gion in Kyoto.
    3,500yen (one way)
    Information: Kyoto Koutsu company TEL 0771-23-8000

    Toyooka -- Kobe
    3:40h by express bus from Kenchomae in front of the office of
    Hyogo-pref. (near Sannomiya)
    3,200yen (one way)
    Information: Zentan Bus company TEL 06-866-3147

    NOTICE: need to check each charges, times, hours,
    bookings etc before starting.

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