Where is Kita Kansai (North Kansai) located?

We think it is about time that you knew of the beautiful distinct Kita Kansai.
Kansai is a well known name all over the world.
Many people of various countries are visiting its many fascinating places everyday.
However, Kita Kansai where we live, is not very well known though it is in the same region (Kinki) as the famous cities like Oosaka, Kobe, Kyoto and Nara.
Therefore, we have produced this HOME PAGE so that Kita Kansai (where we live), will be know for its many beautiful natural places and its culture which has been handed down through generations from Ancient times in Japan.
We assure you that you will leave Kita Kansai with very positive impressions, so please be sure to visit us here.

    Kita Kansai is located North of Hyogo and North of Kyoto. The East side is on the boundary of Fukui Prefecture and the West side is on the boundary of Tottori Prefecture.
    The North side faces the Sea of Japan and Chugoku mountain range is streching in the South.
    The North of Hyogo is named Tajima, it has a city and eighteen towns and, has two hundred and ten thousand people living in it.
    The North of Kyoto prefecture is Tango, which faces the Sea of Japan and the inland of Tanba area.
    Tanba is subdivided into Kuchitanba, Nakatanba and Okutanba.
    Tango has a city and ten towns, which has about one hundred and ten thousand people living in it.
    Nakatanba has three cities and three towns, it has about two hundred and thirty thousand people living in it.
    The distance between Kita Kansai and Kyoto is about 60Km.
    This area is located about 70Km from Oosaka.
    It is about 60Km away from Kobe.
    Kita Kansai has renamed the districts Tajima, Tango and Nakatanba (Chutan). This is because we want them to be well known like Kansai.
    As you know, Kyoto has many traditional cultures from Ancient times in Japan. The culture originated in China, and which has been formed by the typical Culture of Japan.
    Kita Kansai's location was used to connect the journey between the China continent and Kyoto, which resulted in a lot of Cultural influences of Kyoto.
    We have found out this information from many folktales, stories and various structures.
    This area has an abundance of Natural attractions which would appeal to a lot of people visiting Kita Kansai.
    If you were to visit Kita Kansai, you would see the remains of Ancient times and feel the hospitality of the local inhabitants.
    A lot of articles left by the deceased of Jyomon age (C 10,000-300 BC) and Yayoi era (BC 300-700), which were excavated, are on display everywhere in Kita Kansai.
    Especially, Kofun (large earthen tombs of built by local rulers) and Haniwa (clay figures of warriors and servants), which are very famous in Japan.
    Also many articles left by the deceased, which appeal to be imported the influenced cultures from Chinese cultures, which are on display together.
    Further, there is many historic spots which show the cultures of Samurai era in Japan.
    If you come to Kita Kansai you will see Castles, Buddist Temples, Shinto Shrines, Artwork and the places where the remants of Heike clan lived.
    By taking walk through Kita Kansai you will feel the historic romance of Ancient times.

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